We set our goal to a higher level, to manufacture happiness for all our employees, partners, hospital managers, procurement specialists, operators, and patients.

It is a difficult task which we are striving every day to fulfill. In order to reach our goal, we start with our employees. We set quality levels for their accommodation and transportation in their trips & keeping industry level or higher.

  • We make our partners happy by offering them low technical failure rates and decent products for a competitive price as we always try to maximize our price – quality – performance matrix.

  • Hospital managers are happy as they don’t have any complaints about stopped operation theaters or infection risk caused by improper sterilization while they were able to save their financial sources.
  • Procurement specialists are happy as they are able to find detailed information for all their questions and detailed replies while they are able to save the budget they need also for procuring other hospital goods.
  • Operators are happy thanks to our easy to use medical devices and durable design which make their mind free.
  • Finally, patients are happy as even they don’t know the real process running the hospital but they have a lower risk of infection so they can return back to their homes with a smiling face.

This is how we manufacture happiness :)